Farm for commercial use of 63 ha /¢222,²7/m² in Cañas for sale
Farm for commercial use of 63 ha /¢222,²7/m² in Cañas near Sandillal for sale!
Well-kept farm of 62.9847.54 m² (158,13 acres) for sale, on the heights of Cañas Central/ Guanacaste / Costa Rica with beautiful views, wide access to the public street to the west, north and east, with a tree occurrence of large living trees and springs with a long stream that runs water from the north of the farm to the west side of the property, throughout the year. With a single sale of the occurrence of trees with wide and large trees such as Cenízaro, Cedro, Laurel, Madera Negro and Guanacaste from the primary forest, the investment price for the purchase of the property could be amortized. All public services are located near the farm about 2000m (1,24 mile) in front of the farm's location. Public works to connect utilities to areas in this area are ongoing. If utilities gain direct access to the farm border in the near future, the special price would be changed to the normal price, which is approximately 35% more than the current special sale price... Take advantage of the current price! There is a possibility that this property can be used for all kinds of farm animals in harmony with nature. Ecotourism projects that are friendly with nature and pursue a strategy to protect terrestrial and hydraulic natural resources would be possible preferably as a commercial projects thanks to the flat terrain rich in flora, the beautiful view over the land of Cañas, and the long access to the public street with a total of 1668 m (1,037 mile). The farm is provided with wooden posts and barbed wire and also has an iron gate for access. The terrain is 80% flat with undulations found, among other areas, near the stream section. This farm is rich in natural water and therefore there could easily be underground aquifers for wells! Near the public street there is a wide flat hill with approx. 50 m high, which provides a magnificent panoramic view over all the surrounding Cañas area. Valuable in unity! The farm is about 6 min. from the Ruta 1 Interamericana Cañas Guanacaste and there is access from the public street to the farm with any vehicle, from the center of Sandillal approx. 1 km to the East, 2 km to the North and two km to the Northeast. Sale price: ¢140,000,000.) US $231,405. For more information or to arrange a visit to the property, you may contact us at Tel: (506) 8618-6327 / WhatsApp (Evey GB).
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